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Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers share our roads and highways. The duty of every driver to drive with care and caution is increased when the driver is responsible for a 40-ton commercial shipping truck. Accidents between big rigs and passenger cars rarely result in minor injuries. Even a crash involving a car and a pick-up truck is usually more serious for the people in the passenger car.

After a trucking accident, the commercial transport company will often send a representative to the scene of the truck wreck. The injured party may be pressured to sign a statement on the spot or accept a quick financial settlement for their injuries and property damage. Without a strong advocate on you side, you are less likely to get complete compensation for your injuries following a trucking accident.

Truckin accident lawsuits can be complex. The commercial trucking industry is complicated. Your attorney's first job will be to make sure all defendants are brought to the table to negotiate your settlement. The driver may be employed by one company, which may lease the truck from another company, which may subcontract truck maintenance to yet another company. Any and all of these parties may have some legal responsibility for the accident -- and therefore for your injuries.

Another component of a trucking accident lawsuit is using expert investigators and/or accident reconstructionist to determine exactly what happened to cause the collision. Trucking accidents have many causes. Some big rig accidents are unavoidable, but others could have been avoided but for the carelessness of the driver, the maintenance company or another party. Some common causes of trucking accidents are inherent in the way the trucking industry operates for example:

  • Drivers speed to meet tight delivery deadlines and make maximum compensation
  • Drivers drive when they are overly tired, again due to deadline pressure
  • Drivers may use drugs or alcohol to combat the stress and strain of long hours on the road
  • Trucks are often overloaded
  • Equipment may be improperly maintained – such as brakes or load straps – leading to mechanical failure
  • The driver may have received inadquate training

If our investigators uncover evidence that any of these circumstances existed and contributed to the accident, then we are well on our way to proving negligence on the part of the driver, trucking company, or another party.


Client suffered sprained ankle after being struck by public transportation bus while walking across street within side-walk.  Although client was only off work for 2 days and incurred less than two-thousand dollars in medical expenses, The Harlan Law Firm negotiated a $30,000.00 settlement for client.


The Harlan Law Firm handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients pay no legal fees unless we recover for them the compensation they deserve.

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