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Jun 19

Harlan Law Staff

An overwhelming majority of DUI allegations involve breath tests. A breath test is an indirect measure of the alcohol in the lungs via lower lung air. Blood cases can be much more difficult to defend because the test results purport to represent the amount of alcohol in the blood. Still, some amount of due diligence, a lot of hard work, and a little luck can make these cases manageable. read more

May 15

Harlan Law Staff

Knowing and exercising your Constitutional rights can be one of the most effective weapons to preserve certain issues and assist in the defense of your case. Washington law requires law enforcement to advise a person of their right to a lawyer as soon as practicable after arrest. Especially after being arrested for DUI, the instant an officer initiates an arrest, it can be crucial to politely inform the officer you do not want to answer any questions and ask to speak with an attorney. read more