Aug 05

Harlan Law Staff


by Harlan Law Staff

I often say that DUI is an everyman's offense.  It can happen to anyone.  If you have a valid license and consume alcohol, you have probably committed the offense at some point in your life.  This includes police officers and members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which is probably the most recognizable and vocal anti-DUI organization in America.

Until recently, David Griffin was the volunteer president of a Prince Edward Island chapter of MADD.  He is a former East Prince County Deputy, and by all accounts, a good guy.  Interstingly, the group that is generally so quick to harshly condemn any person who is accused of driving impaired chose to not take such a hard stance for one of its own.  Andrew Murie, the CEO of MADD Canada, says Griffin offered to resign as soon as he was charged.  Murie had no choice but to accept due to internal protocols.  "Obviously, we're very disappointed, as an organization, that one of our members has been charged with impaired driving," Murie commented to CTV News.  

Murie went on to almost absolve Griffin of any responsibility, "I think that people will be understanding.  These things happen in life and it is unfortunate and it is unfortunate that it happened to us and he is a former police officer as well . . . He is a good guy.  I feel awful about it."

Hypocrisy aside, it is refreshing to see that MADD has the capacity to understand that humans make mistakes.  That DUI can happen to anyone. That one mistake does not define a person.  Furthermore, Murie's perspective is absolutely correct.  These things do happen in life.  It is unfortunate.  They can happen to anyone.  And usually, those accused of DUI are good people.

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